September 2013

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Astronomy_Amateur_smallInteresting article buy modafinil credit card on about brown dwarf stars, or rather “starlike bodies”.  The article states that these oddities really “blur the lines” between what is a star and what is a planet.

Considering the gas giants in our solar system, it makes the definition of a planet even more interesting. Many call Jupiter a “failed star” for example. buy modafinil cheap online


In the latest edition of the Hubble video Tonight’s Sky – September 2013, a slight error is apparent. The Harvest Moon is on 19 September not the 29th. Use your star map and look for most of these objects, as many are visible with binoculars.


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Stefan Broquet has advised me of the following:

Please take note of the new address for Lire la Nature Inc. & Astronomie Plus, effective October 1st :
373 de Gentilly Ouest
Longueuil, Qc – J4H 1A9
Telephone : (450) 463-5072 Fax : (450) 463-3409


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