2016 Telescope Sale Begins

g4640I am pleased to announce an  agreement with Lire La Nature Astronomie Plus and Sky-Watcher Telescopes for a bulk purchase of ten, quality, easy-to-use, eight inch traditional Dobsonian telescopes.

These awesome telescopes are available to Prince Edward Island amateur astronomers and star-gazers at an unbelievably low price of $425 HST included. Shipping however is not included and each telescope will be shipped by bus, which is the cheapest means, and which will add another $60 approximately to the purchase cost.

Shipping is now INCLUDED in the purchase price: $425 all taxes and shipping (to me in Charlottetown) included.

To ensure instant availability, I will try to keep one of the boxed units in Charlottetown at all times. Telescopes are being shipped directly to me in bulk.


At a total cost of $425, this is more than $100 cheaper than what someone can obtain one of these telescopes for at Lire La Nature Astronomie Plus, and almost $200 under the regular retail cost of landing one of them here, once taxes and shipping included.

Great Experience – Easy to use

These telescopes make for a wonderful family experience as you explore the universe around you. The fall season is ideal for star-gazing for families with even the smallest children as the skies darken early. Many evenings have the brighter planets available as well as the moon with the fabulous craters. Show them these magnificent objects in the eyepiece and enjoy the oohs and aahs as they experience the universe around them.

The Dobsonian reflector telescope is easy to use, easy to learn, easy to transport and easy to maintain. It acclimatizes in less than thirty minutes and as the tube and base separate easily can be transported without difficulty. These are some of the reasons it has become the highest selling telescope in history and is loved by many experienced astronomers.

Another reason is the amazing views. This eight-inch version comes with two eyepieces, and with the paraboloidal mirror users can easily see many deep space objects in addition to our solar system planets. Read the full details on this great telescope here.

Terence Dickinson, renowned Canadian astronomer, astro-photographer, editor of SkyNews Magazine and author of the book The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide, which is widely considered by many as the ideal manual for beginners, recommends the eight inch Dobsonian as the first telescope for astronomy novices.

Order Soon

As I am only buying ten of these quality instruments in bulk, I encourage people to reserve early. I have three already accounted for. Get one for the fall season or get one for Christmas.

There is NO deadline date to order yours, but when they are gone, they are gone. You will not find a better price for one of these fine telescopes.

If you are interested in one of these incredible telescopes, contact me using the Contact Me page on this website or by email at info@sidewalkastronomy.ca

As with the raffle, any and all proceeds go towards the Library Telescope Loaner Program.



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