Borrow a Telescope

If you want an exciting experience for your family, consider borrowing one of the quality telescopes from the many sources made available by the Sidewalk Astronomers of Charlottetown.

These easy-to-use telescopes come with a user guide and simple instructions. In addition reference books and star maps are available to help you and your family find and see some of the most beautiful objects in the universe.

Easily find Saturn and explore the rings or check out the giant planet Jupiter and look for the Great Red Spot or the Galilean moons. Look for stars that will soon become supernovae or nebulae in shapes that resemble an eagle or a dumbbell.

Telescopes are available from the following locations:
2 at the Charlottetown Public Library
1 at the Cornwall Public Library
1 at the Stratford Public Library
1 at the Montague Rotary Library
1 at Gulf Shore Consolidated School Library (summer access is through the Hunter River Public library)
1 at the UPEI Robertson Library

Telescopes are generally available for a week at a time and while you might have to reserve one, the wait is worth it when you hear the OOHs and AAHs and WOWs from your family during a nice evening under the stars.



  1. Wow 7 telescopes available! Good job Keith.


    1. Thank you Matthew. I am pleased the telescopes are being used. Most locations have a wait list, but the wait is getting smaller.


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