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Finding and observing objects in the sky is only half the enjoyment of visual astronomy. The other half comes from learning a little about some of the amazing things you […]

Forecasts for Sunday and Monday evenings are currently for clear skies on PEI. This is good if you want to get out and see the “supermoon”. Why both evenings? It […]

LatestIf you are considering going to the Charlottetown Confederation Centre public library to place a request for one of the two telescopes they have, you can easily do it online.

By using this link their catalogue search engine, you can put a”hold” on one of the telescopes. No need to go to the physical location.

The SkyWatcher 6in Classical Dobsonian Reflector
The SkyWatcher 6in Classical Dobsonian Reflector

Solar Imaging

Although I have not been diligent with my posts to my website, I have been active on the Facebook Sidewalk Astronomers of Charlottetown group. Most of my posts have been […]

Local Astronomy Update

It has been several weeks since I have posted anything to my blog, but it is not because I have been inactive. In fact, I have tried to find a […]

LatestThere have been few evenings this year suitable for me to take my CPC 1100 XLT telescope out to Victoria Park for some Sidewalk Astronomy, but tonight looks like one of them.

Forecasts are for milder, but still cool temperatures, less than 25% cloud cover, low winds, and good seeing. That all adds up to getting some great views of the Moon, which is nearly full (99%); Jupiter, Mars and Saturn.

Jupiter Great Red Spot
Great red Spot and IO

For the best opportunity to view planets Jupiter and Mars, come visit after 9:30PM; for Saturn, because it rises later, 10:30PM would be a good time.

Unfortunately, there are no transits of the Great Red Spot or the Galilean moons of Jupiter during the time I will be observing.

If you would like to observe Mars with your own telescope or binoculars, I suggest you read Dr. Brian Ventrudo‘s excellent guide.

As always, observing is weather and whether dependent.


Today is the last day of April, 2016 and the weather on beautiful Prince Edward Island is finally showing signs of a shift to milder temperatures. Sunny and clear skies […]