December 2016 Supermoon

LatestHere we go again, another supermoon to admire in December!

In November the hype surrounding the supermoon was partly due to the fact that the Moon was at its’ closest point to Earth in its’ orbit during the full moon phase, an event that had not occurred in some forty plus years.

At perigee (the point of orbit closest to Earth) the Moon was 356,618.0 kilometers from Earth in November. In December, the Moon will be almost as close at perigee when it lies 358,461.0km from Earth, an astounding difference of 1843 kilometers further away.

However, perigee occurs at 11:00PM on the 12 December and the Moon only reaches its’ full phase at 8:05PM on 13 December. By that time Luna will be 358,815.9 kilometers from us.

All this means is that we will have another “big”, bright supermoon in December, time aplenty to get the cameras and binoculars ready to enjoy it.

Now if only the clouds would coöperate!


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