“The team believes the star’s hydrogen-filled envelope surrounding the core was lifted off a long time ago by the same black hole. The star may have been near the end […]

News on the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way 0

Maybe it is hard to think about solar storms while we are so clouded over, but this is an interesting article on the threat of solar storms. 0

As many people are aware, there is a plethora of web sites with astronomy-related information available to the amateur astronomer. There is everything from buying advice to scientific journals. One […]

Between now and Christmas, the ISS will be making 16 passes over Charlottetown, all in the early evening. Take your binos out and enjoy the view. 0

If the clouds clear sufficiently today go outside at 5:07PM and look into the SW sky for the International Space Station (NASA predicts the pass for 5:09PM). Look for an […]

You have to admire the person that thought this one up. Great idea, Scroll down and check out the flyer. 0