Solar Observing at Victoria Park

LatestToday is the last day of April, 2016 and the weather on beautiful Prince Edward Island is finally showing signs of a shift to milder temperatures.

Sunny and clear skies are predicted for today and tomorrow continuing a trend that began yesterday. I am certainly looking forward to the warmer temperatures even though they are barely cracking double digits yet.

While I have not been able to get out to do any star-gazing in the evening as yet, I am going to take advantage of the day to do some solar viewing at Victoria Park boardwalk today.

Even though though Old Sol is making the journey to solar minimum and activity is not as robust as previously, I am hopeful to see some fine prominences and some of the small sunspots currently facing our planet.

I will also make another stab at solar imaging today, opportunity permitting. Visitors to the telescopes might receive a nice pair of solar viewers.

As always, enjoy the skies.

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