Telescopes Arrive – Delivery Starts

LatestOn Wednesday, 12 October, 2016 I received a shipment of thirteen SkyWatcher Dobsonian telescopes, all destined to Prince Edward Island users.

Ten of these wonderful instruments are eight inch aperture telescopes being sold in support of the 2016 Library Telescope Loaner project. The other three telescopes are the six-inch versions destined to be given to three PEI libraries who will then loan them out to patrons for exploring the universe.

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On Thursday of this week I delivered two of the eight-inch telescopes to Montague buyers and one six-inch telescope to the Montague Rotary Library.

The library already has a waiting list I am told but will soon be ready to implement their loaner program. I am very excited for the library and know it will be just as successful as the Charlottetown experience.

Six of the eight-inch SkyWatcher Dobsonians have been purchased by individuals who want to explore the night sky, and are mostly newly minted astronomers.

I believe these folks will enjoy the amazing views they will experience in the eyepiece of these telescopes. They will also enjoy the simplicity and easy to use manner of the Dobsonian style. There are just so many benefits to this type of telescope including:

  • the fact they acclimatize so quickly, so no long cool-down periods
  • they resist dew forming, as the long tube acts like a dew shield
  • they are relatively light and can be easily moved
  • they hold collimation very well
  • if necessary, cleaning is a simple process
  • dollar for dollar, they can’t be beat for aperture

Best of all the price we have. Thanks to the tremendous and generous support by SkyWatcher Telescopes and by Lire la Nature Astronomie Plus, we have a price so attractive it cannot be beat anywhere.

This has been the best telescope sale I have ever been part of, and I encourage anyone seriously considering a telescope to think seriously about one of these Dobsonian models. You won’t regret it.

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