Transit of Mercury from Charlottetown

LatestToday most astronomy eyes are turned toward the Sun in an attempt to observe the transit of Mercury.

No doubt people from Charlottetown will try to do the same; however the notorious weather may not cooperate.

Forecasts are for cloudy skies this morning clearing later today, but only reducing to about 38% by 3PM. The break in clouds is supposed to begin about 11AM this morning.

The other issue which may affect observing is the wind strength. Some weather sites are predicting wind gusts to 65kmh this morning and only reducing to 40kmh late this afternoon.

For people interested in my plans, I intend to go to Victoria Park today some time between 11AM and noon, providing there is an obvious break in cloud cover.

I cannot advise where I will be located in the park as I may have to seek the most sheltered area from winds. I will however try to be as close to the Boardwalk as possible.

If you want to try to see the transit of Mercury with me, you are welcome to attend. If you prefer to observe the transit from more climate friendly locations, watch the transit online from a variety of hosts including Slooh.

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  1. Observing cancelled due to wind, rain and cloud


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