Learning & General Resource Sites

ALPO is the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers, a good website for facts and links to other sites.

Astronomyforum.net is a relatively new astronomy forum and has a Canadian board as well. It is very friendly and helpful place.

Astronomy Picture of the Day APOD site, amazing pictures from NASA, the JPL and numerous astrophotographers

Cloudy Nights is a bulletin board site which has lots of posts on a variety of astronomical subjects, classifieds and helpful links.

Eyes on the Sky One of the best websites for a beginning astronomer. Lots of great instructional videos and resource tools.

Guide to Backyard Astronomy Sky and Telescope magazine’s comprehensive site to astronomy, an excellent resource for beginners.

Meteor Terminology The correct terminology for discussing meteors and meteor showers

Meteor Watching, a free e-book on meteor watching.

Nine Planets is one of the best resource sites on all things Solar System.

RASC is the national site, a great place to get educational materials, learning programs and other astronomical stuff.

Science Buddies is a website with experiments and projects for teaching, In the Astronomy category there are 33 projects ranging from easy to advanced on wide scale of subjects.

Space Rocks – A NASA pictorial of the different space bodies flying through the universe

Stargazer University astronomy courses Astronomy courses, free and paid, monthly articles and more from Prof. Brian Ventrudo, Ph.D., a Canadian writer, scientist, and the publisher of One-Minute Astronomer.

The Heretic’s Guide A Beginners’ Telescope Handbook For The Astronomical Novice


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  1. RE: Link to SkyMarvels.com on Sidewalk Astronomer site

    Dear Astronomy Enthusiast,

    I discovered your website today. Very nice indeed!

    As a fellow sky enthusiast and a former member of the Board of Directors of CFAS (the Central Florida Astronomical Society), I’d like to introduce the website http://www.SkyMarvels.com and request that you include a link to it on your site. If so, it will be my pleasure to include a link to your site on the SkyMarvels “Links” page.

    Many thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Clear skies!

    Gary Winter


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