1. Hi.
    I love looking at the stars and I want to buy a telescope for a beginner. Under 200$.
    Not sure if you are familiar with this model. Celestron astro master 124eq. I found a good deal for it online.
    I am also interested in used as well.

    Any help would be appreciated
    Kerry MacDonald


    1. Hi Kerry, before you invest in any telescope I suggest you visit an astronomy club, a sidewalk astronomer or anyone who has several years of experience with telescopes. You should experience for yourself what the views are like through the eyepiece, and ask lots of questions about the good and bad of different telescopes.

      In short the Astromaster 124EQ is not a bad telescope. You may find the EQ mount a challenge to master and the tripod a bit wobbly but it should provide satisfying views of the planets and some brighter deep space objects.

      If you wish to discuss your potential purchase you can email me at info@sidewalkastronomy.ca or simply watch the scroller on the front page of this website and join me sometime when I am observing.

      I hope you find this information useful.



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