Now that the eclipse is over, it is time to turn our eyes back to some other objects in our skies. The current weather forecast for the next several days […]

Users of the Dobsonian telescopes available from local PEI libraries will benefit from reading the User Manual that comes with the Library Loaner Telescope and watching the short instructional video […]

Free Star Charts

While researching information on the Demon Star, I happened across a website that is fantastic for the amateur astronomer. is an amazing collection of downloadable, printable maps for use by […]

(As posted on the Facebook group page) Over the past 10 days I have purchased and delivered nearly 400 solar eclipse viewers to astronomy fans here on PEI. What was […]

On Saturday, 19 August, 2017  we held the draw for the Goofy Solar Shades. Congratulations to the winners of these eight funny and funky solar viewers, which are perfectly safe […]

Don’t have any solar shades for the eclipse? Enter the Goofy Solar Shades draw! A loonie will get you a chance to win one of eight Goofy Solar Shades. There […]

In what has been an amazing turn of events, I have sold or committed 350 solar viewers for astronomy fans here on Prince Edward Island. Late last week it looked […]

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada eclipse viewers have arrived. If you reserved them, you can pay for them and pick them up at: Superstore parking lot in front of […]

I expected to be able to be busy this week distributing the solar viewers to local people in anticipation of the partial solar eclipse visible here on 21 August, 2017. […]