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Now that the eclipse is over, it is time to turn our eyes back to some other objects in our skies. The current weather forecast for the next several days […]

Users of the Dobsonian telescopes available from local PEI libraries will benefit from reading the User Manual that comes with the Library Loaner Telescope and watching the short instructional video […]

Free Star Charts

While researching information on the Demon Star, I happened across a website that is fantastic for the amateur astronomer. Freestarcharts.com is an amazing collection of downloadable, printable maps for use by […]

On Saturday, 19 August, 2017  we held the draw for the Goofy Solar Shades. Congratulations to the winners of these eight funny and funky solar viewers, which are perfectly safe […]

In what has been an amazing turn of events, I have sold or committed 350 solar viewers for astronomy fans here on Prince Edward Island. Late last week it looked […]

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada eclipse viewers have arrived. If you reserved them, you can pay for them and pick them up at: Superstore parking lot in front of […]

Eclipsed Eclipsers

As with many plans, sometimes things never quite work out as intended. Take for example, my initiative to buy 300 pairs of solar viewing glasses from American Paper Optics, LLC. […]

Solar viewers, commonly known as “eclipse glasses”,  are perfectly safe for observing the Sun at any time including during a solar eclipse. On some days when the Sun is very […]

Good news for Charlottetown star gazers. I delivered a six-inch Dobsonian telescope to the Robertson Library at UPEI this morning.

They now have all the components (easy-carry telescope bag, books, lens pen, etc.) necessary to start their library telescope loaner program.

I am hoping we will see the announcement of the program in the next week or two. The telescope will be available for students and the public at large. Contact the library at (902) 566-0583 for more information.

This makes another option for budding astronomers in our area. With the Charlottetown Public library having two telescopes, and the libraries in Stratford and Cornwall each having one this makes four available locally. In addition , the Montague Rotary Library also has a telescope available for public use.

Check back for another announcement shortly about another telescope loaner option.


Of all the beautiful winter constellations, Orion the Hunter is perhaps the most magnificent and perhaps the most observed. Most people can easily see the Great Orion Nebula, M42, described […]