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Of all the beautiful winter constellations, Orion the Hunter is perhaps the most magnificent and perhaps the most observed. Most people can easily see the Great Orion Nebula, M42, described […]

LatestAs part of the Sidewalk Astronomers of Charlottetown 2016 fundraiser, I have sold a number of Dobsonian telescopes to new star gazers.

These wonderful telescopes are delivered in two boxes: a larger box for the optical tube itself and a smaller, flat heavier box which contains the parts of the telescope base.

Obviously the tube requires no assembly other than attaching the finderscope and eyepieces when observing. The base however, requires some assembly which is quite simple and instructions are easy to follow.

There are a few things that users should be aware of and which are not mentioned in the instructions:

  • when attaching the telescope base feet, ensure the screws are tightly secured. If not, you could lose one of the feet when transporting the telescope as it could work loose.
  • make sure that you do not over-tighten the central bolt that the base swivels on. It should not be so tight as to make the base difficult to move, yet not so loose that wind can easily move the telescope.
  • Tighten all other screws by hand and not with a power drill or driver.

Following these tips along with the clear directions in the box should ensure an easy assembly.


Must-haves for Dobsonians

While there are many things a new owner of a Dobsonian telescope might buy to enhance the enjoyment of exploring the universe, there are some things that rank higher on […]

LatestI received an email from Astronomy magazine this week offering a series of five FREE emails detailing information useful to beginners in the hobby of astronomy.

Topics include:

ABCs of Observing

Easy Guide of Astro-Speak

According to the promotion “Whether you’re comfortable with binocular observing or just know where to find the Big Dipper, you’ll find tons of useful tips, terms, product reviews, and more to help you enjoy every minute under the stars.”

To sign up for the emails, register at this link, 0

Scopes for Schools Update

When I started the Scopes for Schools project a year ago, I did so with the intent to fund a telescope for one school and to provide for some opportunity […]

Observing Plans

One of the things you learn when you first start out in astronomy is that you really should have an observing plan when you go out at night. Even if […]

Just having ordered several SkyWatcher Dobsonian telescopes for the Scopes for Schools program here on Prince Edward Island, I anticipate that the folks who ordered a telescope for personal use […]

What a day Sunday, 29 June 2014 was! During the day, temperatures in the mid-twenties, clear skies, light breeze at the Charlottetown Boardwalk, just perfect for solar sidewalk astronomy. In […]

Astronomy_Amateur_smallI just discovered that the highly-rated Binocular Highlights by astronomer and author Gary Seronik, is available as an e-book which can be read on just about any device.

Binocular Highlights has received rave reviews from amateur astronomers in many forums. It is available in printed or electronic format from Sky and Telescope here. 0

Astronomy_Amateur_smallThis link will take you to a different kind of Lunar map. This one is comprised of lunar images taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) . The application enables you to zoom many of the features and to obtain many of the details of the object you have selected. Simply use your scroll feature to zoom and your mouse buttons to select the lunar feature. 0