Eclipse Viewers Gone

In what has been an amazing turn of events, I have sold or committed 350 solar viewers for astronomy fans here on Prince Edward Island.

Late last week it looked like I may not even have many to sell, but thanks to the co-operation of Julia Neeser of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and Canada Post for being efficient, I received 300 on Monday morning.

Together with my bride, Annette, Thomas Mears, Chris Vessey and Jane Vicary, we held a sidewalk session last evening. Despite the cloud demons plaguing us again, we had a wonderful turnout and distributed over 200 of the viewers.

The next, and probably final distribution will take place on Thursday, 17 August, 2017 from 7-10PM at the same venue: in front of Indigo bookstore in the Atlantic Superstore parking lot on University Avenue in Charlottetown.

Very few people who requested the less expensive solar glasses ($1.00 ea) decided not to take the pricier hand-held viewers ($2.50 ea). Demand has been so strong that I have more requests than viewers. There are a few people who requested viewers who have not replied to my request to confirm their purchase. If I do not receive any advice from these people by Wednesday, 16 August, the viewers will be deemed available for sale.

At present I am no longer taking requests for the viewers as I anticipate no surplus. 

This has been very rewarding experience, despite some unplanned surprises and frustrations with a supplier. I would like to thank everyone who supported this initiative or who helped in any way making it happen.

My hope now is for clear skies on “Eclipse Day” so that people can experience this unique phenomenon in a safe manner.


  1. Thank you Keith and Annette. I am thrilled to see you again and meet Annette. Thanks for the demonstration. I am thrilled to have the viewers to protect special eyes and watch such an event.
    Thanks again.


  2. We’re wondering if you have any of the solar eclipse glasses left as I need 6 for my family. If you can reserve them for us, I would appreciate it and can pick them up from Indigo tomorrow. What time would you be there? Thank you.


    1. The solar viewers have all been sold, sorry.


  3. Eclipse Day…

    Hi there… I was hoping to reserve just 2 eclipse glasses for my friend and I. I could come and meet you at the superstore later today but just wanted to confirm there was enough left that weren’t already claimed! Thanks again and hope to hear back from you!


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