End of Solar Shades Sale

(As posted on the Facebook group page)

Over the past 10 days I have purchased and delivered nearly 400 solar eclipse viewers to astronomy fans here on PEI.

What was supposed to be an easy task spread over a few weeks became an onerous, often times frustrating effort due to the shortened time frame caused by not getting my original order of solar viewing glasses.

Fortunately I have had the support of many fine people in getting the replacement viewers here and distributed to those who wanted them. I want to thank Chris Vessey, Jane Vicary and Thomas Mears for helping with the distribution and sale of the viewers and tickets.

I want to give a special thank you to everyone who ordered viewers and stayed with me when the price increased from one dollar to two-fifty; and to those who purchased any of the viewers.

I must also express my great appreciation to those individuals who made a donation to the fund I use to support sidewalk astronomy initiatives, such as the library telescope program for telescope maintenance or new telescopes as funds allow.

Most of all I thank my dear wife, Annette, who puts up with me even during my moments of frustration and yet is always willing to help out. I would be truly lost without her.

In spite of all the aggravation and anxiety over possibly losing my funds used to buy the viewers, in getting a replacement supply here in time, and organizing and distributing the viewers in time for the eclipse, this has been rewarding for me. I feel good knowing that we helped some people to experience one of the most unique events in the solar system and to do it with confidence in a safe manner.

If I omitted anyone, it was by accident and unintentional. Thank you everyone and enjoy the eclipse on Monday.

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