Free Star Charts

While researching information on the Demon Star, I happened across a website that is fantastic for the amateur astronomer. is an amazing collection of downloadable, printable maps for use by anyone interested in exploring the universe.

Intended as a means “to provide quality star charts for use by amateur astronomers under a “Creative Commons License”. What that means is you are basically free to download, use and/or distribute this work for non-commercial purposes with appropriate attribution. A simple credit of “” is all that’s required as attribution.”

The web site is administered by an amateur astronomer with over 40 years of observational experience. It includes a comprehensive array of webpages with accurate star maps for a variety of targets, including the planets, comets, the entire Messier catalogue, the NGC/IC catalogues and a variety of stars including Algol and Betelgeuse.

What is better is that the information is regularly up-dated. Take a look for example at the current information for the eclipsing of Algol, a phenomenon that can often be detected with binoculars by the dimming of the star. The finder chart for the star is easy to read and to follow.

If you are new to astronomy and need help in selecting and finding things in the sky, this website is definitely one you want to bookmark and visit.

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