Getting Your Eclipse Viewers

I expected to be able to be busy this week distributing the solar viewers to local people in anticipation of the partial solar eclipse visible here on 21 August, 2017. However the recent turn of events has rendered that impossible.

As my backup plan involved ordering the more expensive hand-held viewers from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, here is what I plan for next week.

The viewers from RASC were shipped Thursday, 10 August and should arrive no later than Tuesday, 15 August. Using that scenario, I plan to have a sidewalk event or two at Indigo parking lot on University Avenue. Hopefully I will have a telescope or two available between 7-9PM on a couple of evenings next week. Although sunset will not be until after 8PM Jupiter and Saturn may both be visible from that site. (I might also bring my solar telescope to watch Old Sol as it sets)

Ideally I will have some support to have a small table available with the viewers with everyone’s name and quantity requested. Simply pay the amount due, receive your viewers and get a free peek at a planet or two or maybe the Sun through a telescope.

I would ask people to bring the proper change as I do not intend to have a cash float.

At this time I cannot be more specific  on the dates as it depends on when the viewers arrive and of course, the weather. (If it snows, I won’t be there! )

Also, if two evenings are insufficient, I will set up at the same location on the Saturday before the eclipse.

I will PIN the post with the dates and times here on my web blog and on the Facebook Sidewalk Astronomers of Charlottetown group page.

If these arrangements are difficult for someone, please contact me. If you wish to volunteer to help or to bring your telescope out, please let me know.

I hope this process works for most everyone. Thanks again for all your support in this initiative.


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