As a budding amateur astronomer it can be a difficult decision sometimes to join established astronomy clubs and organizations, especially so when one has a long and renowned history such […]

Kudos to my son Marc for helping me stumble through setting up a web page. His help is invaluable. I think I will stick to sidewalk astronomy. 0

What follows is the contents of a post I made on our Facebook page previously. I reproduce it here in it’s entirety for the benefit of non-Facebook users. “Given that […]

Sidewalk observers

Sometimes I wonder why I do Sidewalk Astronomy. As I set up my telescope at the Boardwalk, and then watch as the clouds roll in forcing me to dismantle everything and […]

For three years now I have been doing Sidewalk Astronomy in and around Charlottetown. I have provided observing sessions to individuals and groups alike, estimating well over 1000 visitors to […]