Solar Eclipse in Charlottetown

On 21 August there will be a partial solar eclipse visible from Prince Edward Island.

Approximately 58% of the Sun will be eclipsed beginning mid-afternoon.

Viewing the eclipse with the naked eye can be dangerous and there are safer means to observe it. Projection images and #14 welding glass are two options.

As an amateur astronomer I don’t want anyone to suffer eye damage from observing the universe around us. Consequently I ordered 300 safe solar viewing glasses this morning and expect to receive them within two weeks.

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While usually called eclipse shades these glasses can be used for daily observations of the Sun. They will be available for $1 a pair. If anyone would like multiple quantities please reserve in advance.

Please share this with friends and family who may also be observing the eclipse.

Contact me via email or the Facebook group to reserve a pair. You can also use the Contact page on this web site.



  1. Hi Keith
    Yes it has been a long time for sure.
    I would love to have 5 but if not 2 would be wonderful.
    You are wonderful to do this.
    Thank you so much.
    Hopefully will see you for pick up.


  2. Where are you located in Ch’town?i would like to get about 5 solar glasses thank you


    1. Hello, Thank you for the enquiry. See this post for information on the solar viewers. If you wish to reserve them , please email me at or contact me on the Facebook Sidewalk Astronomers of Charlottetown group page.


  3. I would like to purchase eclipse glasses from you. Two please.


    1. Hi Dona. I have reserved two for you. Thank you for your interest.


  4. Check on safety timing of solar eclipse glasses. I researched solar eclipses on Internet and they say the only safe time to wear them is when the sun is fully covered by the Moon by once it starts to move off of it your eyes can be damaged by the sun’s rays and solar flates even with those glasses. (Only 100% coverage is safe for viewing. Person below says…)
    “Unfortunately, when it comes to safety with a solar eclipse, 99.9 percent coverage means a 0.1 percent area of the sun that is still uncovered and is every bit as dangerous,” Chou said.

    Read article for more information.


    1. Sorry but you need to re-read the article. What Dr. Chou and others are saying is that the only time you can look at the eclipse with the naked eye is during the period of totality; in other words, when the Sun is completely covered, but even then 0.1 per cent is dangerous.

      The article goes on to say that the ISO certified glasses are safe and not as you suggest only during the period of totality.


  5. Hi there, could I please reserve 12 pairs of your Eclipse Glasses. Where do I pick them up? Thanks so much.


  6. Hi, I am interested in purchasing 4 glasses from you if you still have available? Where can they be picked up?


  7. Hi Keith,

    Do you still have glasses left? I would like to purchase
    5 pairs from you. Let me know if I can pick them up on Sunday. Thanks so much.


  8. Hi, I would like to purchase 5 pair if you still have them available. Thank you.


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